Alternative example galleries

Alternative Libraries

Another gallery of the model is based on different topics, shared albums, which you can place all the pictures, videos, e-brochures and e-journals. Navigating the Site is done easily through the icons. The user can also conveniently view images as a slide show, videos or ebrochures. The interface is easy for all users. service is, in this alternative model versatile and suitable for all forms of visual material presented. It can be connected to a wide range of additional functions, which are based on widely used in the content management system. These include, inter alia,

  • Languages, all major world languages
  • shopping basket, if you choose images for your own use, or where they are sold
  • All the necessary information about: photographer, place, time, and camera and filming Specifications
  • search operation
  • Picture and video commentary or review by stars
  • Google Analytics visitor statistics
  • Google Map exploitation
  • links to social media and video via the youtube site

(galleries of the cover models for each from the link above)

models are






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